Abou El Enein: Development of Citizen is a “National Mission”

Egyptian prominent businessman, Mohamed Abou El Enein, said, on Saturday, that the knowledge economy represented in developing the citizen starts from the society with its various components of civil society organizations and businessmen, stressing the importance of the comprehensive knowledge development with its various educational, training and cultural branches, as obtaining technology is easy while dealing with its capabilities and controlling it are difficult.

Abou El Enein added that the role of businessmen and economists in Egypt remains complementary to the role of society in light of achieving the policies of the Egyptian state and its conscious leadership.

This came during the opening of the twenty-ninth conference of the Egyptian Society for Political Economy, Statistics and Legislation, held currently under the title of “Knowledge Economy and Sustainable Development Issues”.

The Egyptian Society for Political Economy, Statistics and Legislation is headed by Dr. Ahmed Fathy Sorour, who said that sustainable development cannot be achieved through economic growth only as many believe, but by investing in human resources for the development of any society, and this will be achieved through supporting rights, freedoms, culture and education.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, called on the administration of the Egyptian Society for Political Economy, Statistics and Legislations for partnerships with the Ministry to hold seminars and workshops on the knowledge economy file.

During its sessions, the conference will review 30 researches on the relationship between the knowledge economy and the sustainable development.