Abou El-Enein: Western media ‘faking’ news about Egypt

The renowned Egyptian businessman and current honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohammed Abou El-Enein said that the Western media falsifies facts about Egypt and ignores the achievements. He pointed out that some channels and Western writers are deliberately insulting and highlighting negatives as a systematic policy relates to some opposing countries to down the solid and tangible successes in Egypt at all levels، foremost in combating terrorism and reforming the economic course.
During his meeting with US Congressman Steve King at the US Congress، Washington on Wednesday، Abou El-Enein expressed Egypt’s hope that the next stage will witness a “qualitative leap” of how the Western media and the international community are tackling with the Egyptian issues.
“I hope that the United States، and what it has of international influence، would manage in leading a process of reconsideration and change to convey the real image،”
Abou El-Enein said that the message that he wishes to convey to the members of the US Congress in these meetings، which come on the sidelines of the President’s visit to Washington، is to emphasize the special and strategic Egyptian-American relations.
He also stressed Egypt’s keenness to communicate with various decision-making elements in Washington to highlight the importance of US support for Egypt during this important phase، and what Egypt represents of a key partner that the United States can rely on to support peace and stability in the Middle East.
He added that the members of Congress who met with them were keen to address many issues concerning the economic situation in Egypt، Cairo’s efforts in fighting terrorism، and developments on regional issues.
Abou El-Enein praised the stances of the new US administration and supporting Egypt in combating terrorism، pointing out that such stances are consistent with Egypt’s call to the international community for a comprehensive، consistent and non-selective counter-terrorism strategy.
Abou El-Enein said he is confident that members of Congress will be at the forefront supporters for Egypt’s economic reform، as well as pushing forward that economic relations between the two countries، taking into account what the strategic partnership between Cairo and Washington represents.
For his part، the member of the United States House of Representatives from Iowa’s 4th congressional district Steve King said it is unfortunate that there is a prejudice practiced by some Western media، especially when dealing with the terrorist incidents occurring in Egypt which wasn’t only ignoring attacks on police or army personnel، but included how the news is covered to distort the reality of economic reform in Egypt.