Mohamed Abou El-Enein: The Armed Forces have protected the world from terrorism. Africa is a rich continent in youth and resources Egypt supports young people and small investors

Mohamed Abou El-Enein’s interview with Nile News on the sidelines of the Africa Forum 2018

Prominent businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein, the Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, President of the Egyptian-European Business Council and Chairman of the Higher Advisory Committee of the Arab Economic Council, said that Egypt has become at the forefront of Africa, noting that Cairo hosts a huge number of African young people.
Abou El Enein pointed out to the possibilities of the continent represented in diamonds، uranium، copper، precious metals، gas and petroleum، “Africa is a rich continent with its youth and resources»، the prominent businessman added in an interview to Nile News TV channel on the sidelines of Africa 2018 forum.
“African youth have a future vision for the continent”; Abou El Enein assured, pointing out that Egypt will chair the African Union next year and will activate the investment movement.
Abou El-Enein pointed to the importance of Afro-African cooperation in various fields، stressing that the trade problem is represented in the transportation and the absence of promotional policies and information.
“There is a new unconventional and huge investment ideology invading the world; Egypt and Africa must take advantage of it”, Abou El Enein revealed.
“Europe wanted to exploit the capabilities of Africa،” Abou El-Enein said. “Europe should participate with the funding and technology part, added the prominent businessman.
Abou El Enein explained: “the energy is the main engine in all investments and we must make use of the solar energy”، noting that the sun is perpendicular to Africa 4000 hours per year; one of the highest rates of hours that can be used in power generation.
“Egypt will play its required role towards Africa; while President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is capable of doing too many things to lead development in Africa.”، the prominent businessman assured.
He added that Egypt’s hosting of African and international conferences is a message to the whole world that Egypt is safe and stable because the armed forces have been able to besiege terrorism and secure the world from terrorism and terrorists.
Abou El Enein pointed out to the importance of the African investment map in various fields; the need for scientific cooperation between continents; stressing that Africa should address Europe to change Africa’s infrastructure for the better.
Abou El Enein said that the added value of the continent’s resources must be maximized، pointing out that Egypt has a strong vision and will preside over the African continent by the next year; as it is the largest country in Africa.
“Egypt is one of the first countries to support the ideas of young people in the investment field; which makes things easier for small investors”، said Abou El Enein.