Abou El-Enein urges UN to outlaw “contempt” of religions

Sada ElBalad-Nada Moustafa

The renowned Egyptian businessman and current honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohammed Abou El-Enein said that Al-Azhar’s international peace conference came in a significant time to consolidate the values of Peace among the whole world.

Abul Enein added in his word during the conference that all the heavenly religions call for peace.
Moreover، Abul Enein urged United Nations to issue a law criminalizing contempt of religions.
He also pointed out that there are states sponsors of terrorism to achieve their own interests، and exploit politics to promote terrorism.

Noteworthy، Al-Azhar’s Peace Conference held in one of Cairo famous hotels، with the participation of a number of senior religious figures.

Among the topics to be addressed at Al Azhar’s International Peace Conference، starting in Cairo on Thursday، are misinterpretation of religious text and the culture of peace in religion.

Global peace and how poverty، illness and exploitation affect it will also be discussed.
Pope Francis will join hundreds of religious and political leaders، including the UAE’s Muslim Council of Elders، for the peace conference in Egypt.