Abou El-Enein: Pope Francis، Azhar Imam gave strong religious messages

Alaa Turki

Renowned businessman، Mohammed Abou El-Enein، Honorary President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament، said both Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb، Sheikh of Al-Azhar and Pope Francis II of the Vatican have given strong religious messages to the whole world from Cairo.

Abou El-Enein met Friday at the headquarters of Al-Azhar International Conference Grand Imam of Al-Azhar، Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb.

During the meeting، he expressed his happiness at participating in the World Peace Conference، organized by Al-Azhar Foundation، pointing out that Al-Azhar would remain the center of moderate Islam.

He also emphasized the effective role of Al-Azhar in confronting extremist ideas as well as its role in spreading the values of peace and security.

Yesterday، Abou El-Enein، also President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament، attended Al Azhar’s International Peace Conference، that revolved around misinterpretation of religious texts and boosting culture of peace in religion.

This coincides Pope Francis II’s first visit to Egypt where his holiness will attend a global conference for peace.

Abou El-Enein has hailed Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt، saying: “This is a great man،” noting that he is delivering a message of peace to the world.

Abou El-Enein added that the papal visit to Egypt at this time is an appreciation of Egypt’s leadership and pride، stressing that Egypt enjoys security and safety.

He pointed out that the foundations of interfaith dialogue must be activated and that the suspicions about Islam must be refuted.

“The ideas of extremist groups that justify their actions and attribute them to Islam and religion should be rejected،” Abul-Enein added.

He called on the international community and the United Nations to take decisions against countries that encourage terrorism and these decisions are binding، because these countries double standards to serve their own purposes.