Abul Enein: Egypt’s new investment law is supported by investors

Chairman of Egyptian-European business council Mohamed Abul Enein said that the council’s meeting today is considered the most important as it focuses on the new investment law and its role in confronting the challenges facing the investors.

During the meeting attended by investment minister Dalia Khorshid، Abul Enein added: “we looked into the draft of the new investment law، and we noticed the presence of new articles”.

We need to know the general philosophy of the law and the message which is directed to the investor and aimed to solve the problem of bureaucracy، Abul Enein assured.

He pointed to the role of law in stimulating investment in the provinces، in addition to the investment in the fields of education and health، as Egypt has 600 untapped hospitals.

The new investment law reflects different thought and incentives that are supported by the investors، Abul Enein said.

Abul Enein asked the oil minister to reconsider the gas pricing system in Egypt .