Abul-Enein: Court cleared me of false accusations … All my investments to serve Egypt

Mr. Mohamed Abou El-Enein talks about the attempts of blackmail and malicious reports he suffered from.

Ahmed Mohsen

The renowned Egyptian businessman and current honorary president of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament Mohamed Abul-Enein denounced the Brotherhood’s attempt to fight and defame him both morally and financially.

Abul-Enien said that after a year and a half، the investigation bodies verified the false accusations against him، and he was cleared of.

In remark to “Ala Masolity” ( On my responsibility) show، aired on the privately-owned Sada al-Balad satellite channel، Abul-Enien said that all charges against him were fabricated.

“One of the officials، who have fabricated the charges، admitted that he was ordered to issue a number of unfounded charges،” he said.

“I remained silent waiting acquittal of the fair judiciary، a decision was issued (later) by Chairman of the Illicit Gains to reject all complaints against me for lack of validity.”

“I got lands where I founded factories and I did not sell even one meter of it. I do not have assets outside Egypt، and all my investments are to serve the country and I have confidence in myself.”

“Today’s verdict is an honor and judiciary will remain fair،” Abul-Enein noted that he preferred to not to comment on Courts’s decisions، despite being subjected to numerous attempts of blackmailing.