Abou El-Enein to Kuwaiti investors: Your nation is in danger. Return your money to its markets . . The Egyptian businessman confirmed through El-Rai newspaper that there are great opportunities for investment

  • Kuwaiti investments are welcomed in Egypt and our relations are historic, and we have a promising market
  • The «Egyptian – Kuwaiti» blood mixed in the victory of October and the war of liberation

The Honorable President of the Euro-Mediterranean Parliament, President of the Arab Investors Union and Head of the General Division of Investors of the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, Mohamed Abou El-Enein, said that the Arab economy is in danger, calling on Gulf businessmen, especially Kuwaiti investors, to return to invest in the Arab world, which has become in need of their investments, stressing the need to support them in this direction.

He added in an interview with El-Rai newspaper, that the Arab investor is welcome in Egypt, especially the Kuwaiti investor, because the relations of the two countries are special and distinct, and Kuwaiti investments are diversify and strong.

Commenting on the Egyptian-Kuwaiti mutual visits, Abou El-Enein said that Egypt is pleased with these visits. Egyptian and Kuwaiti bloods were mixed in the War of Dignity in October 1973, and also when Kuwait was liberated from the Saddam’s invasion.

He pointed out that Africa has become coveted for all countries of the world, especially since most of its resources have not been explored, and that the sector of future industries and services has promising areas for investment in Egypt.