Abou El-Enein in an interview with Chinese TV: The New Silk Road is a great project

Abou El-Enein announces good news about the global demand for Egyptian tourism

On the sidelines of the China International Import Fair, Abou El-Enein said that there is a great opportunity for Egyptian products in various fields in China, adding that there is great support from the government to export to the Chinese market.

He pointed out that there are many industries that produced in Egypt and exported to many countries in the African continent, pointing out that there is a special Chinese industrial zone in Egypt in Ain El-Sokhna, through which about 1560 Chinese companies export their products to Africa and the local market.

He expressed happiness for increasing the area of the industrial zone, which began by about 4 million square meters and became 10 million square meters.

He added that Egypt is importing more from China than exporting, and he expected exports increase with the presence of industrial zones in Egypt and the new Suez Canal project, stressing that the country still needs new technology from the Chinese people.

He pointed out that they have started to set up an office in Shanghai, adding that there are new agreements with China to import machinery parts used in his factories.

Abou El-Enein pointed out that there has been remarkable progress in Egyptian-Chinese relations, especially during the last meeting. He noted the signing of many agreements amounting to 18 billion dollars, adding that the new Silk Road between China, which passes through African and Asian countries and includes Europe, is a great project and achieves success.