Abou El-Enein during the first meeting with the Italian ambassador after his return: “No one can affect the relations between Egypt and Italy. We are interested in encouraging investment, tourism and trade between the two countries



Egyptian businessman Mohamed Abou El-Enein, President of the Egyptian European Council, welcomed the Italian Ambassador in Cairo, Giampaolo Cantini, on the occasion of his return to Egypt and his first participation in the Council’s meeting after taking office. He described the return of the Italian ambassador to Cairo as a wise decision from Italy and will give impetus to relations between the two countries. .

He added that “the Egyptian-Italian relationship is strong, historic and very important for both countries and no one can influence it, and the return of the Italian ambassador confirms the return of relations to normal and will be a good opportunity to strengthen relations and increase investment, trade and tourism between the two countries,”.

Abou El-Enein said “that there is a new law for investment and there are opportunities to invest in many areas in Egypt, including agriculture, industry, tourism and services such as education and health services”.

He added that “in addition to the promising investment in the Suez Canal axis, there are many promising industrial and investment areas, as the investment law stipulates that these areas should be managed by investors, whether Egyptians or foreigners”.

Abou El-Enein stressed the importance of the presence of an Italian ambassador to Cairo, especially since the cooperation between the two countries witnessed a bigger and stronger leap, and Egypt and the Egyptian businessmen are confident that the market will witness great progress in various fields.

He stressed that everyone in Egypt is keen to resolve the case of Reggini and to know who is the real perpetrator of this unfortunate incident, expressing his confidence that the truth will soon be revealed, and his confidence in the Egyptian investigative bodies and the integrity of the Egyptian prosecution. He praised the Italian government’s decision to return the ambassador to Egypt.

Abou El-Enein pointed out that His Holiness Pope Francis has announced a few days ago his blessing of the path of the Holy Family in Egypt, which includes religious sites. His Holiness will declare them in Rome at the papacy this month as sacred sites for the Christian pilgrims to commemorate this great journey.

He added that the blessing of the Pope for the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt is a very important step, which could attract about 50 million tourists to Egypt annually, adding that the name of Egypt is shining internationally for the Christian pilgrimage.

For his part, Italian Ambassador to Cairo, Giampaolo Cantini, praised businessman Mohamed Abou El-Enein as a successful businessman, especially as his counterparts in Italy praised his achievements.

He stressed that the economic relations between Egypt and Italy are witnessing a big boom and trade exchange is increasing, and the strategic relations between the two sides, especially with regard to neighboring countries, are necessary for both sides.

He added that there are opportunities to develop and stimulate tourism between Egypt and Italy and bring more Italian tourism to Egypt, pointing out that Egypt accommodates Italy’s quest to reach the number of Italian tourists to one million and 100 thousand Italian tourists.

He stressed that his country looks forward to further cooperation with Egypt and aims to inject investments into the Egyptian market in the coming period, especially in the food industries.

Ambassador Giampaolo Cantini pointed out that there are measures that will help facilitating procedures for the investor, such as issuing the new investment law, which has become a new mechanism for attracting investments, especially after the adoption of the executive regulations of the law.