Abou El-Enein: Egypt is experiencing an unprecedented urban revival that has not happened in 50 years. There are ambitious plans to create real urban communities, and positive indicators of our economy strongly support investments

Mohamed Abou El-Enein in his speech before Aqarmap Conference for Real Estate:

  • The Egyptian market is the most attractive market for real estate investment.
  • The new urban expansion is characterized by good follow-up and accuracy of implementation.
  • Real estate investment in Egypt is a real opportunity for investors to seize.
  • Egypt addresses the minds of serious Arab and foreign investors.

Prominent Businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein, the Honorary President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean , said on Monday that the Egyptian market is one of the most attractive markets for investment in the real estate sector  as a result of the habits of the Egyptian people, which has not changed since ancient times in the ownership of the real state because of their conviction that it is the most secure investment types.

In his speech during Aqarmap conference, Abou El Enein noted that Egypt is now addressing the minds of serious Arab and foreign investors and welcomes their presence through issuing several procedures for investment, especially with the liberalization of the exchange rate, which has become the most important advantage for any foreign investor.

Egypt is witnessing an unprecedented urban boom and a great development since June 30 revolution in thinking and visions through a new and fast system, which has not happened in Egypt for more than 50 years, the prominent businessman assured.