More than 40 years of economic achievements and challenges
Mohamed M. Abou El Enein is a leader in desert areas’ regeneration. Through his initiatives, he contributed to the transformation of Egypt’s deserts and coasts to industrial communities, agricultural areas and tourist facilities, employing thousands of Egyptians. His projects are widely appreciated by his fellow industrialists at home, by his counterparts and by the consumers abroad, making his work become an example for the next generations of investors.

Industrial flagship in THE ceramic world


Mohamed M. Abou El Enein began his economic activity as a trader in the 1970s. In 1983 he established his first factory in Tenth of Ramadan City, the first manufacturing industrial ceramics in Egypt. Currently it has transformed into one of the world’s largest production site of ceramics, porcelain and sanitary ware, which is Ceramica Cleopatra Company, part of Cleopatra Group. The company owns an integrated industrial complex, consisting of 17 factories in North West Gulf of Suez and Tenth of Ramadan City employing 25 thousand engineers, technicians and workers. Ceramica Cleopatra exports to 108 countries around the world.

Mr. Mohamed Abou El Enein receives the award in presence of the Minister for International Cooperation.
Mr. Mohamed Abou El Enein receives the award in presence of the Minister for International Cooperation.

Ceramica Cleopatra won the most relevant international awards such as:

  • Largest Exporter for the Japanese Market Award (2005)
  • INPEX Award for Creativity and Innovation from the United States (1998)
  • Golden Ladder award from Italy (1995)
  • UNIDO Award as the best high technology producer in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East (1996).

M. Abou El Enein: a leader in mega projects investments
from East to West Egypt


East al-Owinat
Being the only one believing in investing in this remote area, Mr. Abou El Enein established a 7500 acres farm, planted with wheat and barley, although this represented an economic loss.


North West Gulf of Suez
Mr. Abou El Enein established here one of the largest company in the world for the production of ceramic products, reaching 108 countries around the world with exports.


Future high-tech industries sector
The Smart Card factory, the first factory in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in this field, produces all kind of smart card, including scratch cards, memory cards, SIM cards and credit cards.


Tourism projects in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh
Villages, resorts and hotels employing hundreds of Egyptians, in addition to under construction projects in Marsa Alam and Marsa Matrouh, with modern vision for integrated tourism development.

Economic Positions

In recognition of his prominent economic contributions locally, regionally and globally, Mr. Abou El Enein was chosen for the following positions:

  • July 2012: International Business and Economic Consultant by the UN World Organization for Trade in Services due to his 40 years experience in industry, commerce, agriculture and tourism, through which he achieved many local and international recognitions in the above mentioned areas.
  • January & February 2012: Accredited International and Industrial Arbitrator by the International Council of Arbitration, due to his grounded industrial and commercial expertise, making him eligible to settle industrial disputes and solving commercial and industrial problems and obstacles among bodies, companies and factories.
  • Appointed Advisor to international arbitration for the industrial and commercial sector by the Natural and Human Resources Development Center – Institute of African Studies – Cairo University.
  • Chairman of Cleopatra Group, one of the greatest investment companies in Egypt and the Middle East.
  • Chairman of the Arab Investors Union.
  • Former Chairman of Economic Policies Committee – The Egyptian American Presidential Council.
  • President of the Egyptian European Business Council since 2007.
  • Head of the Investors’ General Branch in the Chambers of Commerce’s General Union since 1997.
  • Member of Egypt Japan Business Council.
  • Member of the Egyptian Italian Business Council.
  • Advisor to International Arbitration for the industrial and commercial sector.
  • Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt.

Cleopatra Group Subsidiaries

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