Abou El Enein donates EGP 24 M for new hospitals in Suez

Suez governor Ahmed Hamed said that Egyptian businessman Mohamed Abou El Enein would donate to build two hospitals in Suez to help provide a better medical services for the residents of the province who lack health insurance and medical care.

“The two hospitals will be established in el-Sabaha district، Suez at a cost of 24 million pounds،” Hamed said.

“The first hospital is to provide the medical services for newborn and infants، while the second hospital will be specialized in obstetrics and gynecology.


Abou El Enein is a renowned Egyptian businessman، investor، public figure and an accomplished politician.


His humanitarian Initiative came within the framework of the conference which was held for businessmen in response to the President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s call to boost the social role of businessmen and investors in the fields of education، health and social services.


The two hospitals are set to be built within 12 months، in order to cope with the urban and demographic expansion in Suez، and to support and upgrade the health system as one of the most important aspects of the National Project for Economic and Social Development in the Suez Canal Economic Zone.